Letter from the CEO

Let me start by thanking you for taking time out to read about Sacred Heart International College. Learning is an integral part of our lives and is not only limited to educational institutes but pans across every aspect of our growing up.
With so much to be discovered, we here at Sacred Heart International College inspire students to look beyond just the books. We inspire students to achieve professional excellence and create beautiful memories at the same time.
While academic proficiency is irreplaceable, in this day and age its just not enough.
To ensure our alumni have the competitive edge when out in the corporate world, we instil inquisitiveness so they can question everything and work towards making it better.
Keeping the students motivated runs deep with us. We understand if our students are motivated enough, innovative ideas will be part of their daily life. Inspiring them enough so they remain innovative is part of curriculum here at Sacred Heart International College.
As we open our doors, we will continue to live our values of providing educational excellence for students, setting them up for success in future.
Warm regards,
Bhallinder Singh
Chief Executive Officer
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