Student Induction

At the start of your course will be provided with an induction. The induction will provide you with specific details about your course requirements, important dates and will be an opportunity to meet your trainer and the other students in your course.
As an international student you will also be provided with information on:
details of internal and external support services available to assist in the transition into life and study in Australia. Such services include welfare services, accommodation services, academic and career advice, IT support, and student learning assistance, English language support and social inclusion activities.
legal, emergency and health services
safety and awareness relevant to life in Australia
information on how to see assistance for and report an incident that impacts significantly on your well- being, including critical incidents
facilities and resources
organisational policies and procedures including course progress, attendance monitoring, deferral, suspension and cancellation, course transfer and complaints and appeals.
any student visa conditions relating to course progress and attendance.
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The induction will also provide you with important information about health and safety requirements including emergency evacuation procedures, critical incidents and incident reporting (see section in this handbook on health and safety), as well as a range of other important matters relating to your rights and responsibilities as a student.
The induction also provides an opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have about studying with us. During this induction, we also make sure that we have all the required forms and paperwork filled in.
At your induction you will receive your first set of learning materials so that you can start on your learning journey.