Student Support

Student Support Officer “SSO”
The Student Support Services at Sacred Heart International College are specifically designed to help students while living and studying in Melbourne, Australia. The Student Support Officer (SSO) is always available for students to gain advice on both academic and personal issues.
The Student Support Officer also offers professional and confidential advice in areas of their expertise. Sacred Heart International Colleges Students Support Officers will also offer an advice to the students about their future careers and/or further studies after completion of their studies at Sacred Heart International College.
Enquiry Now
Orientation Day
This session will be the road map to a successful transition to the College. It is filled with important information about SST and the College, including important updates about tasks you’ll need to complete before arriving on campus.
SHIC Policy & Procedures
Student responsibilities
Student Support Services
USI: Unique Student Identifier
Other Legislations
Language, Literacy And Numeracy Support
If student need language, literacy and numeracy support needs to be identified on application. Special classes may be set up if support is needed or student may be referred to an education organization to improve their language skills. This may cost an additional fee.
Student ID Card
Upon your arrival each student will receive a student ID card which MUST be used to enter into classroom. Please note that if student loses student ID card, there will be a replacement cost involved.
Administration Office
Sacred Heart International College administration will help students to make them feel familiar with the facilities on campus and direct them to places of their enquiries.
Reasonable Adjustments
The Disability Discrimination Act uses the principle of reasonable adjustment, which also called reasonable accommodation, to ensure that the students with disabilities are treated equally. This means that ‘reasonable’ adjustments must be made wherever possible; to meet the needs of a Student with a disability.